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We know how madly passionate you are about aspects of your life which showcase your personality and identity.  

So, we have put our heads together to bring you a premium quality wallet phone case to keep your essentials and your phone in one spot. 

Hmm... you may be asking yourself, well that's nothing new. There are wallet phone cases on the market already, and yep! that's true but...

...not with these designs!

That's right, Mighty Hunt has teamed up with top designers, fashionistas, illustrators and graphic artists to bring you EXCLUSIVE designs that you won't find anywhere else!

We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop at our online store by offering quality products with top-rated customer service. So we chose to work with the best.


We're SUPER excited to show you our Wallet Phone Cases. Click the 'Play' button below! Go on! you know you want too...

But wait! 

we know how sneaky criminals try sneaky tactics to steal your personal information, and a very common way is called 'RFID skimming'. 

RFID theft (often referred to as skimming) is when someone uses a scanner to read and duplicate the personal information from someone’s RFID enabled gear without their knowledge. While extremely rare “in the wild”, security researchers have demonstrated successful “attacks” (ways of stealing information from some RFID enabled devices) and illegal use of these attacks could result in things like credit card fraud, or identity theft.

How does wallet RFID protection work?

A material designed to block RFID signals is included in the wallet lining. While your cards or passport are wrapped inside that material, a scanner will not be able to read the information inside.


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